Growing up,  my mom stayed home with us until I was in junior high when she went back to work full time. Now being a mom of two, I sometimes wonder how in the world my mom did it without going absolutely crazy. She didn’t have a network of other moms or social media to keep her sanity all day long. I do consider myself lucky that I have TONS of mom friends (most who work) that I can vent to, ask for advice, and share great mom moments.

Here are 5 mom truths:

  1. It’s impossible to keep your house clean. There are times it looks like someone tried to rob us and ransacked our house; however, the sad reality is, it’s just us living here. I’m in a perpetual cycle of organizing/cleaning/picking up my house. Clutter makes me REALLY tense.
  2. You will say things you never thought you would say. “Don’t take your pants off outside,” “Stop putting your hands down your pants,” or “I’m going to tell daddy!” And about a million other things you never thought you would say or even HAVE to say.
  3. You will need to get the F out of the house some days. I don’t care if it’s to run to the dry cleaners. I have even offered to drive 40 minutes to my husband’s work just to bring him something silly he forgot. This is followed by number 4:
  4. You will regret leaving the house with 2 kids. Why did I think I could go to the grocery store with a sleeping baby and a 4-year old. There is literally no room for the food in the cart unless I choose to wake up my sleeping baby and baby wear him (which he HATES). It should be an Olympic sport getting two kids in and out of the car and shopping with them. You would think I would be super strong after all this exercise, but I’m not. This also really makes those long, lonely walks down the aisles of Target extra special when they come around. To those moms who can bring their 5 kids everywhere and they are well-behaved, I applaud you.
  5. There is no such thing as personal space. You will want to be left alone, but that’s impossible because, well, kids. I would LOVE to spend 40 minutes alone in the car like my husband gets to do nearly everyday going to/from work. Between my kids and dog, they all want to be on top of me or touching me at all times. As I write this, my dog came and sat nearly on top of me and stared at me about 1 inch from my face. I sometimes wish they liked me just a tiny bit less.
  6. BONUS Mom Truth: You will go crazy yet still find moments throughout the day where they melt your heart. I can be really irritated at something and Luke will smile up at me, or Jay will tell me I’m the best mommy in the world (don’t be jealous, yesterday I was the worst mommy).

Hopefully, I’m not alone in these mom truths. What are your mom truths? It’s ok, we’re all thinking the same things.

Everything is under control


One thought on “Stay-at-Home-Mom Truths

  1. You have beautiful adorable kids.. and seriously bring a full time home maker is difficult task..

    Luckily in my case I recently took his decision as my son is 11 now and daughter 5.5 so now they need more attention..they understand things more and since their dad also not around we decided that I will be home with’s fun to see their smiling faces and hugs when they come from school..

    It’s tough but has it’s own beauty.. wish you all the best..


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