I’m so ready for FALL! The weather in Chicago has been hot (above average for this time of year). I have slowly started doing some fall decorating by kicking it off with a DIY wreath. The problem I have with door decor is that my front door isn’t covered by an awning or porch, so anything I put up, has to be able to withstand Mother Nature. See below for a product I used to waterproof my wreath. It’s typically used for fabric, but I use it for my door decor.

Here is my finished product with details below. This wreath took me anywhere from 5-10 minutes. No joke! The only problem I ran into was that I cleaned out Hobby Lobby’s inventory of those berries, so I ended up having to find more at a second location to fill in the wreath a bit more. All I did was stick the picks into the wreath and wrap the extra in the back. I did not use any glue. There is a HUGE selection of picks at Hobby Lobby, so let your creativity go wild.

I was thinking that the best part about not gluing them is that I can pull the picks out easily and reuse the wreath with Christmas picks if I want.

Before I added the extra berries
Finished product. It was very sunny so the color seems a bit off in the photo.


  • Wreath : Wreaths were 50% off the day I purchased, so I paid only $2.50!
  • Berry stems/picks: similar here
  • Pumpkin and other pick: unable to locate online but purchased at Hobby Lobby
  • Never Wet: Waterproofing solution I sprayed on the wreath

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