Happy weekend! It has gotten a bit chilly here in Illinois. It went from around 80 degrees to 60s very quickly! I wanted to walk you through a recent project we “completed” (I may want to add some wainscoting…) over the last few months.

Originally, our home had a living room in the front of the house with an arched opening leading to our family room. Our staircase was also open on both sides. It seemed like a great idea having so much open space and an endless open floor plan, but it always kind of bothered me we had two sitting rooms right next to each other. It was always a little awkward having 2 sets of couches just feet apart.

When the pandemic hit, I began working from home full-time, with the kids here…it was no easy feat. I was sharing an office with the kids’ play room, which turned out to be a nightmare. This led to the home office project.

I’ll take you through some before, during, and after pics. I cannot believe this is even the same room. I have a few things left to complete the room: cozy chair, new floor lamp, more wall art (one is a DIY coming soon), and we decided we will add some easy wainscoting. Let me know what you think!

Slide the arrows for a before and after of this room

*Notice the old color of the family room cabinets*

Anyone have any secrets for hiding cords? I’m still moving things around to try and conceal the power cord.

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